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There's the possibility to do workshops in group with different thematics.

My philosophy is to focus on what we can do for each other rather than whom to fight against. And my workshops are open to people who experienced the situation addressed in the topic.


I'm based in Berlin and I'm able to travel around Germany, Europe and ‌the rest of the world.

My workshops  are available in français, castellano english and deutsch.

  • BE YOU

This workshop is for people who want to address and question their gender .

If you want a deeper connection with yourself, to explore your gender and be able to express it.

BE YOU  is the one for you. Where you will be looking at you as you never did...allowing yourself to question your choices and desires and learn to embrace yourself as you are.

  •  Processes of the MENOPAUSE

 This workshop is only for people who are experiencing the state of being in menopause.

 Having space to talk openly about life processes like MENOPAUSE  and the ways to embrace it and take this opportunity to prepare for your senior step.


Creating a space where we will be able to expose our doubts, fears, feelings and share tools and prqctises to get this step at the best we can do.

  • Get old  sexy and queer :

It’s a pleasure to be queer and getting more experience each day is a blessing.

In this heterosexist society we are not meant to be « proud » affirmative and feel fortunate .

We are not visualized in the way we are and it’s our duty to work in ourselves and our communities in order to support us:


The aim of this workshop is to find ways to feel good with yourself getting older and not be consumed by the gaze of the society on us as not being valuable anymore.

Focus on our values and our wins is much more useful and a necessity than missing the past.


It’s a workshop where we work alone and in a group for finding dynamics who free us.


  • Afro Self Love Empowerment Workshop for Afrodescent People :

We will analyze how we are influenced by what we have inherited from the white supremacist society in order to be aware about the unlearning process that needs to be done in order to be better with us.

One of the goals is to look for ways to love us as individuals more and better and to develop tools for accepting and taking better care for our communities.

We don’t have to be friends with all the afro people on this earth  but being friendlier and supportive will change our lives and those of the next generations.

This will not happen by accident. We need to be committed to this work to change the way we see us and how much love we deserve.


  • Empowerment for BPOC :


We think that not being white is enough for being supportive of each other and not reproducing the racism we have learned.

This workshop wants to create a room where we can talk about our differences and learn about the different dynamics who are present in our different communities. Learning from us can avoid reproduction and misunderstandings.


Being clear about the expectations, realities and needs it’s a key to creating healthier BPOC communities and not just pretending we are together because we are racialized.