We are here on this life time period to learn and unlearn as much as we can, want and need.

For me the idea is to be as much as possible close to yourself having light in your soul and in peace in your heart for being able to forgive ourselves and the others.


All of us need to heal from a lot of pain accumulated (also for things carried from family members without knowing it) from destructive patterns and to nourish self love.

Being « heal ed» allows to bring healing around us and more of us will be healed, better we will be with each other. And the sooner we begin doing it, deeper we can go in our capacities as humans beings and more we can develop our own strength...

There are many ways to be supported in the healing process and you will may need some time before to find the correct method who will suit you. Being trying to reach them make already your journey smoother.

As life is a long run, depending moments and needs you may be have to change recipies.


It can be inspiring to look at healing spirituals knowledges other than ours. It's important to also learn and connect to from the knowledge system we grown up and the one from our ancestors when possible.

Candle in Hands