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Artist: Keith Mallet, 1948

Constellations are a healing tool for bringing order into systems.


It's a way to work at the structural system of the family we have grown up with, in order to carry only what belong to us.


It's also a way to understand situations who affect our relations of all kinds .

We carry different things from ours ancestors who influence our lives in ways that shouldn't be, It can be emotions, diseases, pains... and make us repeat patterns that we reproduce for ever without knowing why.


Our life can be understood in other ways, if we listen to it from the own energy of each element.

Every situation can be constelled. Not only familial structure.

A professional conflict, business matters, body issues.. everything that does not seem right can be viewed or analyzed with constellations.

Any time where there*s chaos, repetition or burden can be clarify trough a constellation.

Constellations works through energies

It can just be better.

Bringing to light a situation that hurts, disturbs. annoys you, can be ease in two hours.

Give a try.